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What Is An Affiliate Marketing Funnel

We’ve all see the ads, but what exactly is it? How can it help you as an Affiliate Marketer?

In simple language, an affiliate marketing funnel is a conversion tool to turn visitors into customers. There are several steps to building a successful funnel.

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1. You must have a web site so that you can put up a lead capture page. This is where you draw your visitors into the mouth of the sales funnel. Using an auto-responder, even a free one, you set up a page that asks for the visitor’s name and e-mail address, thus capturing the lead.

2. Once you have the visitor’s contact information your auto-responder will begin to mail them with messages that you have already loaded into the message center related to the free offer that they signed up for.

3. Continue to make offers until the visitor makes a purchase or drops out of the sales funnel.

The point is to get a visitor into your funnel so that you can continue to advertise to them even after they leave your website. Most people don’t buy anything the first time it is offered to them. It is estimated that it takes 7 offers before the customer buys 1 item.

Example: If your visitor is willing to sign-up for a free report on List Building, you already know one important thing about them; they are interested in List Building or know someone who is. Your next offer could be a $19 e-book on a specific type of List Building. The second offer could be an auto-responder with a monthly membership, followed by a $47 dollar e-book on a different type of List Building, the fourth offer would be in the $97 dollar range and so on until you are offering a List Building Seminar which may cost $250, etc.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how many offers you should make or how fast you should increase the price of the product. That’s something that you have to determine as a marketer. Remember, as an affiliate you make a commission on sales made through your efforts.

Is this ethical marketing? As long as you are using an auto-responder that allows the visitor the option to opt-out any time, it is. As an affiliate marketer, you want to get as many of your programs in front of the customer as you can. There are dozens of reasons why people buy things, and the most important one is that the offer was made.

By entering your funnel, the visitor has indicated an interest in a specific topic. Now that you know this one thing about the visitor you can use your auto-responders to build a relationship of offering quality products for their consideration. It is up to you as an affiliate marketer to offer additional products related to that subject and present them in a way that will convert your visitor into a customer.

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